Manufacturing as a Career

Manufacturing is making a comeback, not only in Ohio but across the United States.  There are various career opportunities in manufacturing.  If you think manufacturing is a dirty, boring, and repetitious industry, think again.  Today’s manufacturing is a challenging, exciting and high tech environment.

The manufacturing industry is growing and projected to grow even more in near future.  With a large number of workers in manufacturing retiring or getting ready to retire, the need for workers in this field is great.  Employers are actively seeking workers to fill these current and future positions.  Some of these positions require a two or four year degree, but many just require a high school diploma and on the job training or internship.

Top 20 Facts About Manufacturing

Videos Highlighting Opportunities in Manufacturing

Check out these videos explaining the manufacturing industry.  The videos reference manufacturing in other states, but the same industries and opportunities are here in Ohio.

There are many career options in the field of manufacturing.  Learn more about these various career options by visiting the Manufacturing Careers page.