Education Career Pathways

If you enjoy working with people and teaching and helping them, a career in education may be a career choice for you.  There is a demand for many careers in the educational field, such as teachers, school psychologist, and others.  

Ohio Means Jobs Education Careers

This link allows you to explore different educational careers and see the average pay for the career here in Ohio.  To explore even more for each career, click the name of the career you may be interested in to view the work activities, necessary skills and abilities needed, education needed, and the Ohio employment trend for the career.

Career Pathways for Education

The links below provide various pathways that students can take to different careers and areas of healthcare.  The fields below were chosen because they have been developed around Ohio’s in-demand occupations according to the “In-Demand Occupations” report.  The field titles below represent the highest level of the pathway.  However, each pathway includes several options that students can pursue within that field.  Here is an example from the OhioMeansJobs site:

The information below shows the career pathways for the Education Industry