Career Connections School Resources

The Midwest Regional ESC has developed several products that can assist schools in preparing their students for career readiness.  We offer a career booklets and an accompanying middle school curricula that introduces 7th and 8th graders to careers in manufacturing and the construction trades.  The ESC also can provide a Career Connections liaison to assist the school with working with local employers to set up job shadowing and internships for students.  Check out more about these products and services below.

Exploring Career Pathway Booklets
These 20 page, full color booklets are created to be visually appealing and easy to read and understand. There is a booklet that highlights careers in manufacturing and one for careers in construction.


Exploring Career Pathway Curricula
The accompanying Pathway curricula has been developed to allow school counselors to utilize the Pathway booklets in the classroom to actively engage the students in exploring the various career pathways. The curricula are aligned to the ELA standards for grades 7 and 8.


The student career resources are available as classroom sets.

Each classroom set includes:

  • Exploring Career Pathway student booklets for each student (either manufacturing or construction)
  • Accompanying Exploring Career Pathway curriculum for the school counselor.
  • Online Support module for the school counselor and/or teacher to assist in the implementation of the curriculum.


Schools can purchase the manufacturing booklets and curriculum for 8th grade and the construction booklets and curriculum for 7th grade (or vice versa). The cost of the Curriculum Classroom Package is $100.00. Additional student booklets can be purchased based on the number of students at each grade level and are sold in packs of 25 for $50.00 ($2.00 per student). This provides a booklet title for each student that the students keep and take home.  Additional booklets of each title are available in packets of 25.

Click the links to the right to download an order form to purchase the curriculum. [Word Doc]  [PDF]  If you have questions concerning the curriculum or ordering, contact us.


We understand that school budgets are tight and it is sometimes difficult to find the funds to support much needed resources for your students.  As we have recently worked and communicated to many in the manufacturing and construction industries, it is apparent they see there is a need to reach students.

There may be opportunities to have local business and industry support your district in purchasing the Career Pathways curriculum materials.  Many manufacturing and construction businesses are having trouble finding employees to hire to fill needed positions.  This need is causing employers to really understand the importance of reaching students at a younger age to introduce them to careers in those fields.

Reach out and let the manufacturing and construction businesses in your community know you want to introduce your students to the opportunities in these needed career fields.  Let them know about the curriculum materials you are looking to implement at the middle school to inform students about those respective fields.